Benefits of Utilizing Contractual Manpower Services for Firms

Benifits of contractual man power

For a time-bound project, a full-time or temporary employee may not deliver the same skill set or economic viability that can meet weekly or monthly work requirements at a stretch.
In such a case, it’s ideal to invest in contract staffing. Other than the flexibility and skilled qualifications provided, contractual manpower also works out at a lower risk and lower expense for your company. Read More

The Boom Of Corporate Transportation In India


There are many reasons that have led to the boom of corporate transportation in India. Unreliable and erratic systems of public transport, rising fuel costs, increasingly cumbersome traffic conditions, passenger safety concerns, and long and arduous daily commutes, are only some of them. It is at that juncture that corporate transportation offers highly effective solutions to all these problems. Read More

How The Smart Cities Mission Will Transform India


The Government of India launched the Smart Cities Mission in 2015, with the aim of transforming 109 cities in the country with the use of digital and information technologies, urban planning best practices, public-private partnerships, and policy change. As of now, 90 cities have been selected and the infrastructural and socio-economic transformation is already underway. Bengaluru, Vishakhapatnam, Pune, Chennai and Ahmedabad are some of the major cities on the list. Read More

5 Tips For Employee Transportation Services In Your Company


One of the biggest stresses faced by employees around the world, and more specifically in India, is the hassle of commuting to and from their workplace every day. With increasingly cumbersome traffic conditions, rising fuel costs and unreliable means of transport, employees are understandably frustrated by these commute problems and are therefore unable to give their 100 percent at work. Read More