5 Tips For Employee Transportation Services In Your Company


One of the biggest stresses faced by employees around the world, and more specifically in India, is the hassle of commuting to and from their workplace every day. With increasingly cumbersome traffic conditions, rising fuel costs and unreliable means of transport, employees are understandably frustrated by these commute problems and are therefore unable to give their 100 percent at work.

As an employer, you must ensure that your company offers reliable and hassle-free transportation services for your employees. This will attend to one of the biggest obstacles in the way of employee retention and productivity.

Here are 5 tips for employee transportation services in your company:

1. Make daily commutes easier for your employees: Before you devise a transportation plan for your employees, make sure that you have all their details—like address, preferred route, etc. When you offer them the service, you have to make sure that it’s a door-to-door service that is also time saving and cost-effective.

2. Choose the right vehicle: Choosing the right vehicle based on the headcount (number of passengers) along a particular route is cost-effective for the company and also great for the environment.

3. Go with a trusted transportation partner: A trusted transportation partner is a must for your company. From a range of quality vehicles to prompt service, skilled drivers and great deals, you can be assured of it all when you go with a trusted transportation partner.

4.Transportation for large events and off-sites: Company events and off-sites are an intrinsic part of your brand image, and good transportation services are a key component of the same. Make sure that your transportation partner offers services for these types of large events as well.

5. Have a backup plan: A backup plan is absolutely necessary. There could be days when a vehicle breaks down, or the traffic conditions are exceptionally bad, or a driver falls sick at the last minute. A reliable transportation partner is sure to offer you a good backup plan to have you covered at all times.

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