Benefits Of Offering A Company Shuttle

Benefits Of Offering A Company ShuttleYou will find that companies across the globe are offering commuter shuttles. While you may think that it’s a trend that only exists in tech companies, there are companies in various other sectors that are following suit. And this trend is seeing real benefits not just for the employees but for the employers as well.

MP Group takes you through some of the benefits of offering a company shuttles and how employee transportation services or corporate transportation services are a boon to everyone.

1. An Increase In Employee Productivity And General Well-Being

Whether it’s a chance to relax or catch up on the news or your email, a downtime on the shuttle definitely gives employees enough time to prepare for the day ahead. It gets easier to transition into the work mode and work more efficiently throughout the day. If you have any stress or health-related problems, opting for a shuttle service can reduce those over the years.

2. Company Incentive For Recruiting And Retention

If a company is looking for new hires or reducing turnover, the company shuttles is an important differentiating factor. Employees save money on petrol and vehicle costs as well, in addition to other health and wellness benefits, which again is money in the company’s pockets.

3. Go Green

A shuttle encourages the employees not to drive by themselves thus reducing your carbon footprint dramatically. According to a survey held in US, gallons of gas can be saved by just carpooling with one more person each day.

4. Cost Savings

Instead of spending on building infrastructure or travelling allowances, offering a company shuttle to the employee is more beneficial. It definitely reduces the company’s expenses and moreover, the employee does not have to fill the tank every other day and drive through traffic every day.

5. Stronger Workplace Satisfaction

For a perfect work-life balance, the company as well as the employee need to opt for corporate transportation services. The company gets recognized as a great place to work which in turn is beneficial to both the company as well as the employee. Even the interaction between employees gets better as you can chat and mingle with them outside the work sphere and hence fostering a greater sense of teamwork.
Now that you know and understand the benefits of offering a company shuttle, you should take a look at MP Group – a manpower supply company in India, if you’re looking to create or increase your company shuttle.

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