How Efficient Is Your Building’s Emergency Evacuation Plan?

How Efficient Is Your Building

Take it from real-life incidences – a solid building emergency evacuation plan can make the difference between a state of stability and a collapse into utter chaos. Emergencies could constitute an electrical outage, a fire hazard, a chemical accident, a natural disaster or more.

So how well are you prepared in the face of adversities? Here are 5 points to keep in mind when ensuring safety within the building premises and for its occupants.

#1: Prepare A Detailed Plan
The key is to stay prepared for an evacuation with a comprehensive action plan. Have detailed procedures with exit routes chalked out and delegate responsibilities and roles to each employee so they are aware of how and when to respond during an emergency.

#2: Different Occupants Have Different Needs
Consider individuals who may have physical or cognitive challenges. Include an alert notification and support service system that can help in evacuating them safely. Notification systems could include lights, electronic messages or audio communication.

#3: Conduct Regular Drills
Put your plan into practice! A training drill will prepare occupants to be mindful of emergency evacuation alerts, locate exit routes and orderly descend flights of stairs. Often times, a full building evacuation is unnecessary if the threat is contained to specific floors. Occupants should be well-rehearsed in instructions for any kind of evacuation.

#4: Post-Evacuation
Once the alarm sounds, it’s crucial for security personnel to clear any danger or traffic zones outside the evacuation site. The evacuees should be led to a designated safe area where a head-count can be taken to ensure no one’s missing.

#5: Routine Building Maintenance
The installation and maintenance of your building’s fire safety system and mechanical, electrical and technical services can mitigate risks and even save lives in case of unforeseen circumstances.
At MP Group, we provide professional maintenance and upkeep services for your building to keep your operations running round the clock in any situation. We consider your safety, our top priority.

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