Why Do We Need Facility Management?

Why do we need Facility Management

As a business expands, it needs more staff. And managing this staff for effectivle and efficient delivery of operations and services becomes vital to the core stability and productivity of the business.
This is where facilities management comes in to integrate people, assets and processes on a single software platform.

With the evolution of technology, we have intelligent IT systems and applications to align company information in one database.
Facility management helps co-ordinate information regarding the health and safety of employees, maintenance and repairs of building and equipment, and monitoring business compliancy to standards.
It’s imperative for a business to have a thorough insight on the facility database, along with efficient logging and reporting functions to analyse, decide and respond to any circumstance and enhance working efficiency.
Facility management helps support and sustain your enterprise, so you can focus on performance and productivity.
It involves smart management across –
·        Soft services like housekeeping, pantry and kitchen stewarding, mail room and help desk operations
·        Hard services like technical and mechanical repairs, electrical maintenance and fire safety systems
·        Landscaping and gardening
·        Skilled and semi-skilled factory workforce
·        Security services
·        Logistics support like line-feeding services, inventory movement and warehousing
·        Corporate commute services
·        Finances

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