Corporate Transportation

Corporate Transportation

MP Group has a 99.2% accident-free transportation service, in line with our motto of being an “accident-free transportation service.” We don’t merely supply buses and drivers; we take care of all aspects of travel to ensure a safe, secure and comfortable journey. We maintain a fleet of neat & clean cabs and buses, and all our vehicles are owned and operated by us – no sub-contracting, so you know you are in safe hands.

What makes us the best?
  • Round-the-clock breakdown rescue team: The team operates 24x7 and arrives on the scene to provide a swift and smooth replacement if a vehicle breaks down.
  • 24x7 workshop for vehicle maintenance
  • 24x7 tracking via GPS
  • 100% statutory compliant: We manage and maintain all required backend documentation and are 100% compliant.
  • The commuter comes first: We have a slew of initiatives that are aimed at maximizing traveller comfort.

This is what has made us the largest private bus operator in Maharashtra. If you live in Mumbai, Pune or New Delhi, we’re pretty sure you would have seen MP Group buses plying the roads. Give us a call for your transportation needs, whether your company is in these 3 metros or elsewhere!

Public Transport Projects

We are also one of the largest bus operators that implements modern, efficient and sustainable transport systems under an “Own-Operate-Maintain” model. Successful public transport services require the operator to be in the right place at the right time, so passengers can make full use of the service.

We cater to government transport Public Private Partnership projects for bus operation + maintenance. The Noida Metro Rail Corporation is one of our flagship projects.

The NMRC is one of the youngest lines of the National Capital Region’s urban mass-transit system that connects the capital to Noida, Greater Noida and the Trans-Yamuna belt. The Noida Metro Rail Corridor covers close to 30 kms with 21 stations and smart bus services that ply along 12 different routes. MP Group’s eMPire Transport Services Limited (ETSL) is on board to operate, manage and maintain the city bus services fleet.

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